Saturday, January 7, 2012

Braces and other stuff

without braces

Where to start?! Getting braces wasn't that bad after all. I chose silver and teal as my colors and sence I got my braces durring Hanukkah I chose collors that were simalar to blue and white. Here is a picture of me before and after I got my braces put on.
I got a bunch of things for the  holidays like a pillow and kind of an iPod touch.
I was playing on my mom's new iPhone and taking picturres of my dog Cotton. when I handed the phone back to her I saw a photo of Cotton that I had taken and it was kind of cool. But my mom thought that it was so awesome that she put it on facebook. By that point I thought that it was a lot awesomer and it was awesome. So awesome infact that our family's fitografer said that it was amasing. At first I thought that it was just a normal picture and that my mom said that it was purfict because she is a mom and that's what moms do but when I found out that a profecanal said that it was awesome I thought about it a little differently.

awesome Cotton picture
with braces

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm getting braces soon. I am not looking forward to it ether. My mom and dad picked the worst time,too.
Three days before Christmas! What an awful date to get braces. And it's during Hanukkah! (which is the Jewish Holiday instead of Christmas.) Well they didn't have a choice I guess. It was ether that or right before a concert. Oh! I also got into the Ann Arbor Youth Choral witch is the one of the Ann Arbor Choirs. We did a concert for the opening of the new children's hospital. I do this choir with one of my friends form school named Marika. We sang Path to the moon and Remember me singing which are two songs we learned. here is a video of the choir singing Path to the moon. I am not in this video but you can see another video ssomewhere online from the hospital opening which I was in. Mean while just take a look at this video.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today is yomkipur witch is a Jewish Holiday. Maby my least favorite one because I can't eat
but I like the music. So today I will be miserably hungry. I can't even drink a sip of water!

But here is a video of me at temple singing in the youth choir during a concert a couple years ago.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Well when my mom and I were going to our new car we stopped to look for the class placement letter for this year. Exited I opened it and saw the name Thomas Yeager. my mom was happy that we got the letter today since she was going into school and asking Mr. Court questions like who is in my class and when will we know. But, on Thursday morning she went in an asked him the usual questions and he said that all he could tell us right now was that some of my best school friends were going to be in my class and guess what we walked in with nothing and came out with a dictionary and thesaurus in hand.
And he was right most of my best school friends are in my class.